HOW IT WORKS

Back in 2008 automobile and truck manufacturers went to drive-by-wire system in order to eliminate parts and offer a better connection for the throttle body system. Built in to their software was a deliberate lag between pedal response and the throttle body's response. Supposedly this would improve fuel mileage and be easier on the drivetrain. Since then several companies have come out with accelerator boosters that all claim to be best for your vehicle. We believe the Red Light Bandit is the best because of the following: 

-Designed, assembled and tested in the USA. Some Chinese copies will turn on the Check Engine Light. 

-Compatible with the vehicle's diagnostic system to eliminate false codes and other problems. 

-Designed to be an automobile part rather than a computer part, this means that it has 2 redundant channels allowing the GM diagnostics to work as designed and preventing false codes and error messages. Some completing products have a single channel that will not allow the GM diagnostics to work properly.

-The Red Light Bandit offers the software that eliminates jerky response and has instant engagement. 

Even if you have highly modified engine in your late model vehicle, say 1000 HP, you will need the Red Light Bandit because your vehicle has the drive-by-wire system and the lag can't be programmed out by reflashing the ECM. Only the Bandit can do that. In addition, if you buy a conversion kit from GM to install a late model engine in your older vehicle, it will come with a built in lag because the accelerator pedal is pre-programmed with a lag/delay. There is nothing worse than having your vehicle stall at a red light especially if you have a manual transmission. The RLB is programmed for a smooth throttle engagement but also engages 60% faster than normal. Thus no more lag, no more stalling, and no problems. In addition, the RLB will not affect warranty and is virtually undetectable using scan tools. 

Competitors may offer different mode settings, etc. to compensate for poor programming. The RLB module is designed by a former GM engineer and all problems were eliminated via programming and it comes with a 3 year warranty! It is designed to work with both gasoline and diesel vehicles.

At a suggested retail of $289.00, it will give you the biggest bang for the buck while increasing the performance of your GM vehicle. Buy and install a Red Light Bandit today, you will be glad you did and you will never be late. 



I just installed my throttle booster on my 2018 Sierra and couldn't be happier. Awesome product. It really does make a huge improvement. Thank you. L.G